Monday, April 27, 2009

I <3 Craigslist ! ! !

Me + Craigslist = BFFE

My piano. A free freezer (its out in the garage). And now my wedding dress. (the dress from china was a little too ornate for me, so I looked a few other options. I think this one is AWESOME!).

WANRING: Craigslis is addicting, so don't get started. I've wasted as much time looking around on craigslist this last month (mostly for housing) as I have spent planning other details of my wedding.

They are going to block it at work, so that might curb the addiction.

(i <3 scott too!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Races, Records, and my #1 Fan

(after the Laughlin Half in March 2008)

Scott might not love running ... but at least he supports my habits.

January 18, 2008 - 12 mile training run. My house to Scott's home in Sandy. Scott and I had just met at work on Monday, and we (me and shalece) needed a place to run that Friday, so of course his house seems like a good destination.

April 19, 2008 - SLC Marathon & and our 2nd date. I wasn't hobbling too bad yet, but I was moving pretty slowly in and out of the car.

June 21-22, 2008 - Ragnar Relay. He was one of our team's volunteers. We were a little late signing up, so he was stuck with the midnight to 6 am shift, on a road out in the middle of no where. Thanks.

June 23, 2008 - my birthday. All I wanted was for him to run 5 miles with me. He did. And I'm pretty sure he hated most of it.

August 30, 2008 - Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon & Relay (East & Immigration Canyon) Bright and early, Scott was there at the finish line.

September 27, 2008 - U of U Alumni Run (we're not utes, just cheap - we had a free entrance). Our 1st 5K! We were flying ...9 min mile pace :)

December 31, 2008 - my annual beat the New Year run. I made it just in time for a new years kiss.

March 28, 2009 - Laughlin Half Marathon. Scott and I drove to Vegas and I ran with Katherine in her very first race. Scott woke up at 5 am to drive with us to the start line. And was there at the end with water and my camera. What a cheerleader!

April 18, 2009 - Emily and I went out for the SLC 1/2 this past weekend. Scott was busy with finals and couldn't make it. But I dedicated a mile to him. But it was the first race Em and I have done together. And we both set PR's, running 1.43.36, 7:54 mile splits. We were excited!

Thanks for being there Scott. (maybe next time you'll be there through the whole race - running with me)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pics posted

We had engagement photos taken on Saturday. It was a rainy, rainy evening - but things let up for an hour or so and we were able to get some pics downtown. They make me smile - brandon did a great job, I think. I was worried -- scott and I felt pretty goofy having someone snap a bunch of pics, but we tried to have fun, and hopefully that shows.

to see bigger and better shots, go to (you might have to create a login, but its worth it)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Ring Came!

Scott suprised me as much as he could with the ring yesterday.

He showed up at work at 6 (no one else was around). Gave me flowers to "Hold me over till the ring came" and then got on his knee and said, "but you won't have to wait very long."

Made me laugh, and so did the tshirt he made for it.