Sunday, July 26, 2009

missed pics from last week

scott and his hot legs.

scott snacking on spinach.

Another Downtown Quirk

When we moved in, there were 4 shopping carts in our back parking lot. After 6 weeks, I woke up last Sunday and decided it was time to take them home. Smiths is 2 1/2 blocks away, I'm sure it was a funny thing to see on a Sunday morning, but I'm glad to report that they are home safe, as well as another cart I picked up along the way. Later that evening, we even found another one while we were out walking and returned it as well.

Scott said I should be careful, living downtown, you never know if you're moving someone's home.

All he could do was laugh this morning when we left for church and this was out front.

It's still there.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Urban Roosters

I never thought I would live downtown and wake up to a rooster every morning. But we do. (I wish I could record it). Its like we're living in some sort of rural-urban community.

Scott - isms

We're coming up on 6 weeks now. There haven't been any big suprises, but just a few things that make me laugh.

1. Scott sitting in church.
He gets hot. All the time. Sundays are the hardest because of the dress pants and shirt. He really sits in sacrament, with his pant legs pulled up to his knees.

2. Scott eating vegetables.

People think I'm healthy, but nothing compared to the way scott will eat handfuls of raw vegetables - mostly spincah and broccoli.

3. Scott making the bed.

On weekdays, he makes the bed - just for me - about 5 min before i come in the door from work (I caught him one time).

4. And a few others, but scott wont let me say. So I'll just say he makes me laugh.

(I'm trying to use the internet outside the library. And its struggling. The pictures won't upload - Sad. Maybe I'll add them next week.)