Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scott Isaacson, almost CPA

This is what I live with everyday -
+ scott.

He has been living on the couch/lovesac, in front of his computer and books since the day we got home from the cruise over 10 weeks ago.

Its like re-living the worst 6 months of my life - 4 yrs ago when I was studying for the CPA.

Remember, no cable, no internet. Just his review material and food to keep him entertained.

But the results just came in, and his hard work has paid off. He scored a 94% on Financial, a 99% on Audit.

I'm thrilled. But from an effeciency perspective - HE STUDIED WAY TOO MUCH! I consider a 76% a perfect score. 75% is passing, anything above that is just extra work.

From the way he acted when he came home from taking financial, you would have thought he failed. He re-took the test in front of me, scouring his books, looking up answers to all the questions he was unsure about, and groaned with each one.

He takes his 3rd test on Thursday. He's still put in a 12 hours today. His new goal - to get 100%.

Sometimes I force him to take breaks so we can dream up ways to celebrate. Any suggestions?

Still living on a college budget

Our small apartment is starting to feel like a home.

The piano was moved from my house to the apt, our wedding photos got printed and put in frames, we've got a couch, and a washer and dryer. I think we're set. (Scott thinks we still need to find a TV). And all without opening our wallets.

A big thanks to Mark (and his brother) (call Emily if you dont know who Mark is) for his truck, his time, his muscles (he and scott moved the piano, washer, and dryer), and convincing his brother to let us borrow his couch. (pictured in the next post).

The washer and dryer appear to be real vintage gems. A friend from my singles ward called and said his neighbor was giving away his old washer and dryer. As long as we beat the company that picks up old appliances, they were ours. For Free. Seemed like a good idea till we saw them...

... but Scott tells me they seem to work just fine. (Its nice to have someone help with the laundry while I'm at work).