Monday, March 23, 2009

Bridal Boot Camp?

Anyone up for an early morning work-out on June 6th?

I could maybe try and coordinate saturday morning class at the gym at 6 am - would anyone be interested?

Blush & Bashful

My colors -

White & Black - with accent colors. Berry Red, Pink, Blue/Purple, Lemon Yellow, and some green for the for the flower stems, and the spinach salad.

Fresh and Summery.

The "Mom's" dresses

How about this for the moms and sisters/inlaws with kids ... (and maybe alison) -

Black dress or black top with black skirt - knee length or mid-shin (I'm hoping that will make it look more summery) in a lighter weight material.

Add a colored cardigan (1/4 or 3/4 sleeve) - berry colored - red, purples, dark pinks.

And sandally shoes either black or the color of the sweater. (Heather, if you want, you can wear some of the crocs you bought. It looks like you got every color of the rainbow. if you dont think this is funny, see

I'm hoping that will be easy for every one to be somewhat matching, and I'm hoping it will be easy on your time and wallets (maybe you already have all or part of this in your closet).

Let me know what you think ...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Croquet anyone?

Maybe Scott and I can take a break from the line, and hit a few balls.

And maybe you and your kids can stave off boredom during the reception too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photographer ….

This guy was in my ward for a few months – you can check out his blog at or his website at

He’ll be available all day on Saturday, from when the girls get their hair done to when ya’ll finish cleaning up.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For the girls

Hi Nieces (and moms) -

I scheduled our appointment at the beauty school! It's going to be so fun!

We're getting hair and nails done. The appointment is at 8 am on Saturday morning, sort of early, so be sure you get to sleep early on Friday.
Until then, start thinking about what you want done to your hair! Maybe you could even bring a picture with you. Here are a few ideas from this blog.

There are going to be a few hours after the appointment before the wedding, and we don't want our hair to get messed up. I thought it might be fun to watch a movie. Have any of you seen Enchanted?

Can't wait to see you. Oh, and if you decide what you're doing with your hair, send me a pic!
<3 aunt julie

p.s. remember - none of them .... are allowed :)

Moms -
A little bit of info for you:

The appt is at 8 am, Sherman Kendall Academy. 7353 S 900 E (fort union area - just off the 215). Sorry so early; we either had to be first in the morning or in the afternoon. The appointment should take about an hour. I'll plan on coming for a little bit. Any objections to watching Enchanted?

Please let me know which of your daughters are coming. And if there are moms that want to go.
Thanks! I'm heading out for a run!

Runaway Bride

I'm not quite talking about this ...

Just wondering if one week is too quick to go from this ...

to this ...

to this ...
Free is hard to pass up, and through work I have a free entrance into the Utah Valley Marathon on June 13. Bad Idea?
(The Ragnar Relay is the next weekend (also free through work). Hopefully my legs are working by then. 2 races in 2 weeks..I think Scott knew my running habits before he agreed to marry me).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Time to Start

I know some of you need to coordinate schedule and travel... I wish I had more answer, but here's a start.

What I don't know (but people have asked).
I don't have colors chosen.
I don't have a guest list yet (sorry mom).
I don't have a ring (and Scott still popped the questions).

What I do know ... (most are still in the planning stages)
May 29 - Friday Evening - Engagement PArty in Portland (casual open house)
May 30 - Saturday - go through the Portland Temple
June 5 - Friday Evening - BBQ/Dinner with both families (probably somewhere in Sandy)
June 6 - MARRY SCOTT! Saturday 2 pm Draper Temple Sealing (we will coordinate babysitting)
June 6 - Saturday evening - Reception (probably in a backyard in Sandy)

Other things I've been thinking about:

Girl Cousin Party!
Local beauty school host parties for girls and I thought the cousins would have fun getting their nails and hair done for the day (I'm also hoping this is a stress reliever for the moms too - you dont have to worry about getting them cute for the day). I'm going to inquire tomorrow about date/times and prices.

If you have daughters, let me know what you think is best about timing.
I can schedule Saturday morning for hair and nails, and save everyone an extra trip to the salon. I'm just not sure how much time I would have to be with them that morning.
If we did nails late afternoon on Friday I could go! And I can schedule a hair party on Saturday morning.

Boy Cousin Party!
I'm not a boy - so I'm not quite so in touch with what is fun for them. (I'm also not sure how many of them are coming. Rich's younger boys, Rob's younger boys?, and Nate). A swimming pool or the local acquarium are some ideas.

After all the fun we had in Vegas at the reunion, today sheri suggested we might have time to go to "Pump It Up" on Friday night.


My Dress - The Short Story
I'm planning to share with a friend who bought the dress on eBay. Its getting made in China right now.

(its being done in white with sleeves added to it)

Bridesmaid Dresses: Emily + Sheri + Julie +Lisa (scott's 2 sisters)
I'm thinking light and summery and able to wear again.

With a wedding color for the tie around the waist and cute matching shoes.

Neice Dresses: Hailey, Kaitlyn, Madison, Christa, Jenna, Jessica, Sarah, Zabe, Riley (and something for the baby twins)

I'm also thinking light and summery and able to wear again. I looked around just a little online. Haven't fallen in love with anything yet, but I thought wil a shirt under or small sweater these could be cute.

(Limited 2, I think)

(Target $23)

Here it is ...

Supposed to be going to work, but made this instead.

June 6, 2009 is the big day! Lots to do before then, so we'll use this to keep in touch with the family and let them know plans until then.
I'll need to find a camera before then - I've lost mine somehow in the last few months. So all the pics I have are old...thats not a way to document everything going on in the next few months.