Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Simple Life

We are getting slowly getting settled in. But until then, we are enjoying a simple life.

No Table. No Couch. And plastic utensils (we got 2 sets from the wedding, and it took me a bit to decide which to keep. We're using real ones now).

Sunday Dinner with our Make-Shift Table

Just bought a can opener, new bedding, and a garbage can. I think after 10 years of using the same quilt, I deserved some nice bedding.

Messy Move-In. I acquired a lot in the three years in my home

*Anyone need a crock pot. We got 3 from the wedding, I already had one. I was able to return one, can't find where the other two go.

Cruising - Ports of Call

Haiti -
Royal Caribbean owns a small beach/island in Haiti. So we spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach and a little bit of snorkeling.

Jamaica - Dunns River Water Falls.
Its a national park in Ocho Rio Jamaica. You pay to get there, pay the entrance fee, they charge you to rent shoes if you didn't bring any for getting wet, and charge you for a locker. Guides lead you up the falls, taking video of you along the way. Then they ask you to buy the DVD. They say Jamaicans are the most agressive sales people. We agree.

We brought shoes, kept our bag and camera with us, and hung back from the group - we would have been boring climbers and ruined the DVD.

But we were able to capture our own cools shots.

Grand Cayman - Swimming with the Sting Rays
Our FAVORITE excursion. It was a little scary at first - all these sting rays swimming past your legs. But Scott got into it, chasing, feeding, catching and kissing (or trying to). They say kissing a Sting Ray in Grand Cayman will bring you 7 years of good luck. We'll have to make our own luck.

Cozumel -
A great way to end the trip. We rented a scooter and cruised around the island. Stopping to snorkel and get drinks at a local market.

Cruising - the boat

We spent a fantastic 7 days on Royal Carribeans "Freedom of the Seas". The boat was huge! Over 4000 guests onboard.

Food all Day & Pizza all Night

Our Dinner Friends - all honeymooners - 2 SLC couples, and an Irish couple

Breakfast with a view

Rock Climbing Wall

Ice Skating Rink

Casino - they made a lot of money off us

(just joking - we avoided the casino as much as we could)

And we didn't get pictures - but they also had mini golf, a 'wave rider' (body boarding & surfing on the boat), and lots of relaxing in the sun!

It was a much needed vacation!

Wedding * Wedding * Wedding

Couldn't have asked for it to turn out better.

- Portland was fantastic. Great to see my home, my city, my family, and old friends. And fun to share it with Scott and his family. Who would have thought Portland would have more sunshine than UT during June???

Portland Rose Garden

- Wedding Day we had sunshine - for most of the day

Pics at Wheelter Farm before the wedding

- Almost the entire family was there on both sides (minus the London Dougalls, and a few of the newphews)

10 of the 11 Dougall's
- All the girls had awesome hair-do's

- All the sisters had cute toes

- The cake was perfect (thanks Katherine). I heard it tasted good - wish I'd gotten a piece.

There has been so much thinking and planning during the last month. And there were so many people who helped and supported along the way. THANK YOU!

I'm just so happy it all worked out and even happeir that its all over. Now its time for real life ...

*** Disclaimer ***

I have at least 3 "Followers" of my blog, I'm not sure how many others are reading this but here's my disclaimer for not posting in over 5 weeks - when so much has happened.

*** We don't have internet at our new apartment. And blogspot is blocked at work (so is Craiglist ... when can i shop for a kitchen table and a couch???) Makes blogging hard to do. ***