Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding * Wedding * Wedding

Couldn't have asked for it to turn out better.

- Portland was fantastic. Great to see my home, my city, my family, and old friends. And fun to share it with Scott and his family. Who would have thought Portland would have more sunshine than UT during June???

Portland Rose Garden

- Wedding Day we had sunshine - for most of the day

Pics at Wheelter Farm before the wedding

- Almost the entire family was there on both sides (minus the London Dougalls, and a few of the newphews)

10 of the 11 Dougall's
- All the girls had awesome hair-do's

- All the sisters had cute toes

- The cake was perfect (thanks Katherine). I heard it tasted good - wish I'd gotten a piece.

There has been so much thinking and planning during the last month. And there were so many people who helped and supported along the way. THANK YOU!

I'm just so happy it all worked out and even happeir that its all over. Now its time for real life ...

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  1. Was the cake gone before you got a slice? Blame me: I ate two. (Sorry. It was worth it, though.)