Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Runaway Bride

I'm not quite talking about this ...

Just wondering if one week is too quick to go from this ...

to this ...

to this ...
Free is hard to pass up, and through work I have a free entrance into the Utah Valley Marathon on June 13. Bad Idea?
(The Ragnar Relay is the next weekend (also free through work). Hopefully my legs are working by then. 2 races in 2 weeks..I think Scott knew my running habits before he agreed to marry me).


  1. I don't know on the whole running thing. That's a question for someone who actually likes running enough to run 26 miles. I would pig out on the cruise and have a hard time doing any kind of training...

    Question about the hair appointment. Is it just for the little girls or are moms getting hair done too?
    Also, are all the girls getting the same hair-do?
    I haven't looked at many sites, but found a couple by fluke and I'm specifically looking for something that might work with K's shorter hair.
    Here are two links - give me feedback. Again, are we picking hair for our own girls or are you going to pick for all the girls to match?



  2. Great questions.

    I was thiking the girls can choose to do what ever they want with their hair. So if you find a good one for kaitlyn that she likes, bring some of the pics for the hair dresser to look at.

    For the moms - i was thinking on friday late afternoon all of the adult girls could go for some pampering. I was thinking of offering the choice of a pedicure, manicure or scalp treatment (have you had one before, they rub your head for like 45 min - its pretty nice).

    if you also want to have your hair done Saturday morning with the girls, I can definitely arrange for it. But its just at a local hair school, so i wasn't sure all the adults wanted a 20 year old styling their hair. (but if you do let me know - and they're not all that young. I actually just got my hair cut there today, and i think it looks really good).

    Oh and both of the links you posted are adorable.

  3. I'm only slightly jealous you get free entrance to those big events. Any sibling perks??