Wednesday, September 9, 2009

100 years or 1000 years. We'll be gone either way.

We live in one of the oldest wards in SLC - the Tenth Ward. The meeting house was built in 1873, and later a chapel was built in 1909. We still meet in that chapel; a really neat place if you are ever in town on Sunday. Pipe organ, balcony, stained glass. Not even a basketball court.

Our ward celebrated the 100 year aniversary of the building and opened the cornerstone and never before opened 100 year-old time capsule on Saturday evening. Part of the celebration included writing letters which will be included in the next time capsule.

Sunday's testimony meeting was full of stories from many of the visitors who had come to town for the celebration. I especially loved the woman who, as she was talking about how neat it was to open the time capsule, and how neat it is that we can contribute to the next time capsule, said "And we won't be around when the next time capsule is opened in a hundred years in 3009."

Nope, and we probably wont be around in 2109 either. The math can be a little tricky when you're standing in front of a crowd.

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