Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Football Part II

Scotts is a Cougar. A Utah Cougar. Ever since moving to SLC I've learned that there are Cougars and there are Utah Cougars; ones who grew up among Utah fans and have had to defend the blue and white. And they dont just rise and shout for the Cougars, but for anyone playing against the red and white.

I'm a cougar. But an Oregon Cougar. And so when the guy 2 doors down starts for Utah. And when the couple that got married and moved into the ward the same day we did is a walk-on for the Utes, its like I've friends wearing red and white.

Scott said he would leave me if I ever cheered for the Utes. Scott calls it the unforgivable sin.

I guess we'll have to see how the season shapes up.


  1. I get that.
    I was raised by Ute fans and they don't just cheer for the U, but for anyone playing against the blue team.
    I married a BYU fan and have remained impartial ever since.

  2. Julie.
    In spite of never attending BYU, I have always loved BYU football. But once, I had to sit in Ute season holders seats.... and now I am married to his daughter. It was a memory that was painful but worth it! Scott, keep the perspective, but I feel your pain.